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Down Home Rest for the Farm Fancying Vacationers

february_travel_destinations_t5If private isolation nestled in among beautiful mountain scenery is what you are searching for, Frank and Sherry Hull’s Hull-O Family Farms located in the Catskill Mountains would be ideal. Read More>>




2016 Corn Mazes in Upstate NY

New York Upstate






The 16 best places to go on vacation with a baby or toddler

Today; June 30, 2016

Why mama will love it: Escaping the hustle-bustle of the city for a relaxing change of pace; enjoying warm hospitality and delicious food; teaching kids about farm life. More…





Family Farm Vacation at Hull-O Farms    Durham, NY

A family farm vacation…how cool! You will have a memorable experience and it will be something you and your family will remember for a long time. More…


17 Best Long Weekend Getaways from NYC with Kids

Vacation Idea; September 1, 2016
Hull-O-FarmsTake away their PlayStations, iPads and cell phones and take the kids to the 300-acre Hull-O Farm on a vacation that will bring them closer to the real world of hard work and that will help you reconnect as a family. They will get to play with the puppies, kittens, baby chicks, tiny goats, and fluffy rabbits. They can climb a pile of hay, get lost in a corm maze, or stumble through the pumpkin patch. More…




We’re Freaking Out Over This Real Farm Vacation

Red Tricycle; June, 29, 2016

img_5713“Love farm-to-table? You can’t handle this farm-to-table! (Actually, you can, and you really should.) That’s right, we found a super family-friendly vacation at a real, live working farm, complete with pastoral vistas, home cookin’, your own private cottage and more cute animals than you can shake a stick at. Plus: actual farm work the kids will love. (Your toddler can milk a cow. Need we say more?)” More… 6 Awesome Getaways from NYC for President’s Day Weekend

“Located only two hours from NYC, Hull-O Farms in the Catskills is a perfect farm getaway for the family. Designated as a National Bicentennial Farm by New York State, Hull-O embodies rural relaxation, with country cottages surrounded by grazing farm animals. Enjoy farm-fresh dining, plus feed the animals and sit around the campfire and toast s’mores.” More…

5 best farms to go pumpkin picking in the Catskills

Kelder's Farm012.JPGLocated in the Greene County town of Durham, this farm has been operated by the same family for 235 years. Visitors can pick pumpkins from the patch, explore the 10-acre corn maze and enjoy a hayride to the Revolutionary War cemetery. More…




Mommy Poppins has put together a list of the 75 of the best family-friendly travel spots from as nearby as around the corner to as far off as South Africa, with a little help from their readers! #11: Hull-O Farms in The Catskills! More…


Stay on a Farm: Family Farm Vacations in the Catskills

Hull-O-Farms welcomes guests from Memorial Day through October.  Families stay in one of three quaint private guest cottages. A visit here includes a hearty breakfast and dinner.  Farm activities include milking cows and nanny goats, gathering freshly laid eggs, learning how to feed the baby animals and mending fences.  In season there is a corn maze and hay rides.



If you want to experience a different kind of vacation with the entire family, head to Hull-O Farms where you can try your hand in farming and enjoy an extra-ordinary time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. More…


HULL-O FARMS Family Farm Vacations in “Renewing the Countryside.”
“Ecstatic is how Sherry Hull describes her five-year-old guests as they pick up a still-warm egg from under a hen, scamper around with a litter of kittens in the hay…” More…


HULL-O FARMS Family Farm Vacations in “Parents.”
“Whenever we pass a field of cows and horses, my kids beg to stop and watch. As urban dwellers, 4-year-old Jenna and 7-year-old Dylan are far removed from farm life–except for a few house cats and some trips to the petting zoo. And that’s exactly why a farm vacation was so appealing to us.” More…


Durham, NY – May 2, 2008
– The National Association of Professional and Executive Women names Sherry Hull, Owner of Hull-O Farms, “Woman of the Year” in Hospitality and Agritourism. More…


Family Farm Vacation in the Catskill Mts  Reduces Carbon Footprint With Farm EdVentures
Durham, NY – May 2, 2008
“A 7th generation farm in the Northern Catskills has created a family vacation that is both educational and reduces a  vacation’s carbon footprint.” More…