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Can Being With Cows Boost Your Immunity?

cow no girl in backgroundIt is said that over 300 years ago, milk maids whose job it was to milk the family cows were immune to smallpox, a deadly epidemic at the time. It eventually took the work of British farmer Benjamin Jesty to … Read more

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Farming: Some Food For Thought

America's Farmers

Did you know America’s farmers support 24 million jobs? U.S. farmers supply 41.56% of the world’s corn! Here’s a look into the impact America’s farmers have:


  • There are 90 million acres of land planted to corn in the U.S.,
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How Do Farmers Get Ready for the Winter?

hull-o farms winter vacations

While the weather is cooler and the leaves have changed colors, farmers are busy at work getting ready for winter. Even when temperatures drop, the work on the farm does not slow down. Now is the time to prepare livestock … Read more

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