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Our Corn Maze

Sadie in mazeCome and discover why it’s so much fun to get lost!

During your stay at Hull-O-Farms, experience the thrill and excitement of finding your way through the twists and turns of our very own corn maze! Fall is quickly … Read more

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Why We Should Teach Kids about Farm Safety

Untitled-4Visiting a farm can be a great family adventure. It lets children interact with animals and agriculture to see how their food is grown. However, it’s important to learn a little about farm safety and teach your kids about it … Read more

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5 Things You Learn Growing Up As a Farm Kid

Kids On FarmAnyone who grew up on a farm knows it’s like nothing else in the world. You work with your family every day raising animals and doing other chores around the farm. For us, these are the top 5 things we … Read more

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Visit a Farm with Your Grandchildren!

grandparentsSpending time with the grandkids is so important for both you, the grandparents, and the grandchildren. So why not do something different this season! Here are 5 reasons why you should get out of the city and take the grandchildren … Read more

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Teach kids where their food comes from

dad and kidMulti-billion dollar advertising agencies are working to pack more calories and artificial ingredients into our kids’ diets to make a profit. As a result, kids are less familiar with natural ingredients and have less of an interest in fruits and … Read more

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