Teach kids where their food comes from

dad and kidMulti-billion dollar advertising agencies are working to pack more calories and artificial ingredients into our kids’ diets to make a profit. As a result, kids are less familiar with natural ingredients and have less of an interest in fruits and vegetables and where their food is actually coming from. So why is it important for kids to understand where their food comes from?

  1. It Promotes Good Eating Habits Later In Life: If kids are eating processed junk foods from the start, their likely to continue those unhealthy eating habits throughout their lifetime, potentially leading to major health problems later on in life. By teaching kids where their food is coming from and encouraging good eating habits early on in life, your child will understand the importance of nutrition and nourishing their body.
  2. It Combats Childhood Obesity: Childhood obesity is a serious epidemic in our nation. It leads to adult obesity, heart problems, diabetes, and many more health issues. Teaching kids at an early age about where their food comes from and following a healthy lifestyle will help combat childhood obesity and encourage healthier overall habits.
  3. So They Can Have Fun With Their Food: Believe it or not, planting and picking their own fruits and vegetables can actually be very rewarding for young children. It will encourage them to eat the fruits and vegetables they grew as well educate them on the process.
  4. To Help Them Understand The Agricultural Process: Farming is educational, and teaching our children where exactly their food comes from is a lesson in itself. Kids will see the hard work and effort that goes into planting, growing and harvesting crop as well as raising and caring for livestock. Understanding the farming process can help kids appreciate their food more than ever! At Hull-O-Farms, we encourage all our guests to engage in farm chores so they can get a feel for country living. Learn more about chores and fun activities at Hull-O-Farms.
  5. To Help Them Become Critical Thinkers: When children understand what exactly they are eating and how it got on their plate in the first place, they’ll ask questions about food supply, the farmers, the animals, and other people’s eating habits. Visiting farms like ours is one activity that can help encourage major critical thinking!

Do you talk to your little ones about where their food comes from?

Schedule your family vacation to Hull-O-Farms and give your children the ultimate farming experience where they will learn all about where their food comes from and why it’s important!

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