5 Traits of a Good Farmer

5-traits-of-a-good-farmerAny farmer will tell you, especially Farmer Frank, that anyone can farm, but not everyone can be a farmer. There are certain traits that are necessary to have as a farmer that most people don’t possess.


  1. Patience: Farmers tend to have a lot of patience and definitely need it in order to deal with the surprises that may come their way with their livestock, crop, equipment and weather.


  1. The Weather: Farmers watch the weather every day to make sure their crop and livestock aren’t dramatically affected. Their ability to monitor weather conditions allows them to understand what they need to do when it comes to growing, harvesting, and selling their crop as well as producing feed for their livestock.


  1. Risk Taking: Farmers take huge risks every year. The quality and health of their livestock and crop is never guaranteed. Factors such as the weather and local economic conditions can drastically affect a farmer’s business. But as a farmer, risks just need to be taken.


  1. Hard Work: As a farmer, some years and seasons are worse than others and require more work. But farmers keep on going and work through the tough times in order to produce product for their communities.


  1. The Environment: Farmers know better than anyone that preserving the environment is important. They constantly continue to make improvements to their land and the environment so they can have better crop seasons in the future.
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