Why We Should Teach Kids about Farm Safety

Untitled-4Visiting a farm can be a great family adventure. It lets children interact with animals and agriculture to see how their food is grown. However, it’s important to learn a little about farm safety and teach your kids about it too.


When visiting a farm like ours, it’s important to explain to kids before arriving to be respectful of farm life and livestock. Of course we will help teach kids and adults how to interact with and feed each and every animal on the farm to ensure your safety.

We also encourage little ones to wash their hands with soap and warm water after having touched any animals.


At Hull-O-Farms we teach our guests about the machinery we use to plant and harvest our crop. It’s important for us to teach kids about machinery safety and to never touch a machine like a tractor without adult supervision. We encourage our adults to keep an eye on little kids at all times and never allow them to wander away from you and your group.

Water Safety

When kids explore nearby water, whether it be ponds, feeding troughs or any containers of water, it’s important to always supervise them and watch them closely while they explore. Prevent poisoning by talking to your kids about never putting food into their mouth that belongs to the animals and to never drink the water from the troughs.

At Hull-O-Farms, we encourage our guests to explore the farm and engage with our animals! We will provide safety information upon your visit, but it is also a good idea to understand the safety hazards of farm life for yourself and how to prevent injuries and illness during your stay.

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